– Service Dogs on Martha’s Vineyard


TV.’s #TheWhiteDog

 Martha’s Vineyard via T.V.’s #TheWhiteDog

   Many residents of and visitors to Martha’s Vineyard Island are pet owners.  Some canines, as is T.V.’s #TheWhiteDog, are service animals.  The Amazing Dazey, known to the world as T.V.’s the White Dog, is a federally-registed private service companion in addition to being a media icon.  That is,  she has a nationally-recognized civil right to be naked and leash-less so long as her trainer or servicee can produce her credentials upon request.  The White Dog, as are all service companions, is allowed any public place that her human may go because her behavior is as reserved as any patron, and she is needed as medical aide.  The Amazing Dazey  commands the highest distinction of license in the land by earning it, the respect and rights due her honor, and commendation and recognition coast to coast to sandy-shored coast. 

   Special Service animals earn their license through rigorous training and nationally-standardized testing.  While many service animals are harnessed, it is out of necessity for the human, for blind or autistic persons or whatever the need.  In the Amazing Dazey’s example, she is the companion of a person with a medical condition that needs a helper who can quickly bring medical assistance in the case of an emergency and does not wear a tether, as it could prevent her from performing her primary function potentially becoming ensnarled in the scrub oak that dominates the Island.  T.V.’s #TheWhiteDog is specially trained for this purpose.  She also possess a special understanding of nearly two dozen hand signals that enable complete communication and safe control without the interference or distraction of noise.  


   Dazey is is the first truly Galaxy-class non-homosapien to reside on Martha’s Vineyard!

   While almost any and every pop-culture icon vacations on Martha’s Vineyard or Chappaquiddick Islands, T.V.’s #TheWhiteDog is the first non-human of an internationally famous caliber to live on-Island; as neither Lassie nor Rin Tin Tin every had a dog house here. That is, if there were a selection of canines to exemplify the best of what planet earth has to offer, she would be named one of the world’s best.  She is truly a wonder to behold – and she was a rescue!  

   Being also that her servicee lives on Martha’s Vineyard, and of course because she is so beautiful, she just naturally became the icon of Martha’s Vineyard’s only noncommercial television, for the good of the Island, and for the entertainment of Martha’s Vineyard fans the world over.  She regularly gets fan mail from now all-six inhabited continents, not to mention all six towns:

Vineyard Haven

Oak Bluffs

West Tisbury




   When you see our star this summer, no handshakes or autographs, please; she is on duty and/or working for film.  She does, however, pose well for photography.


The Star of the Show, the Queen of the Island

The Star of the Show, the Queen of the Island

   And please stay tuned to Martha’s Vineyard Public Broadcasting Station, the Island’s #1 source for news in the arts, culture, entertainment, and education; featuring exclusive film.




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