MVPBS is the Island’s largest media!



That’s right, MVPBS is bigger than the Gazette, bigger than the Times, bigger than MVonline!


  What’s more:  the new Vineyard Public Radio, coming this spring to 88.7 FM, is the Island’s only on-air radio reaching the whole of Martha’s Vineyard!  It is non-commercial and non-profit, and now actively looking for sponsorship both private and public.  VPR is owned and operated by Dennis Jackson, the proprietor of five radio stations from Vermont to Chicago.  A summer resident of the Vineyard, Mr. Jackson feels there should be quality public radio for the Island.  This is not MVY, this is not WBUR or NPR, this is Vineyard Public Radio!  VPR needs Martha’s Vineyard underwriting sponsorship.


This is Martha’s Vineyard for Martha’s Vineyard’s sake, however, we need to pay the cost of production.  That is, we have to staff cameras and microphones, and mixers, and recorders, and editors, and producers, and programmers, and so on.


This is the new edge.  We are what’s next.




To reiterate, these three distinct opportunities are offered to the Martha’s Vineyard community via the Martha’s Vineyard Company, a media representation and video & radio content production company;  exclusive to Martha’s Vineyard Island.   That is, we produce the finest Martha’s Vineyard film and radio content, as well as represent and market business on and off-Island.

   I, myself, am a third generation Oak Bluffs resident and represent MVPBS, VPR, and the Martha’s Vineyard Company here on-Island.  Please direct any  inquiries to sign up by contacting, or better yet, DAN, himself, @ (+1) 508.560.1698 post haste.  

We’ll be the major force for good on Martha’s Vineyard for years to come.  However, these opportunities are available for a short time longer only, as ‘the season’ quickly approaches.



Contact MVPBS

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